4. April 2018

Goldener Spatz 2018 for Kinderweltreise.de


Kinderweltreise.de wins the Goldener Spatz 2018

Statement of the jury

Kinderweltreise.de convinced us that there is a lot of very detailed information to be found about the countries and cultures of the world. The encyclopaedia allows you to quickly search and find the desired information, which is written in a child-friendly and understandable way. Kinderweltreise represents the diversity of the cultures and people on the earth very well. Due to the large amount of information about, for example, language, people or religions we can become acquainted with this diversity and expand our knowledge and understanding. We would also like to see Kinderweltreise.de provide a chat and the ability to perhaps send questions to the editor regarding various topics which could also be published on the page. With regards to content we would also be very excited about city profiles – something which could, perhaps, be offered on the page in the future.