Books in a new dimension using augmented reality

The MetaBuch app offers publishers completely new possibilities to interactively enhance printed books by displaying digital additional media. The innovative app uses augmented reality technology as a connection between classic books and digital additional content. Books with a lot of photos and images are particularly well suited for this because the technology can differentiate image elements and layouts. Already published books can be enhanced with videos, audio, 3D objects or interactive elements afterwards. MetaBuch automatically recognises the layout of the pages and displays digital content with the help of the smartphone or table directly into the book layout. This creates an exciting digitally enhanced view of a wide range of topics. Regardless whether they are 3D animations, audio samples, interviews, comments, explanatory films or knowledge tests – employed wisely augmented reality technology offers a simple and effective connection between printed books and supplementary media content. As a standard app MetaBuch can be individually used by all publishers. The production of special Publisher apps with the appropriate corporate design and additional special functions is possible based on the MetaBuch technology.

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Augmented reality app for interactive enhancement of books


“It is not the new technology, but instead the content which decides the success of augmented reality apps. The most important thing is what benefits result for the user or the customer. Augmented reality offers completely new opportunities to impart knowledge, discover places and subjects, direct products and interactively support industrial processes.”

Joerg Michel

Managing Director and Founder, KIDS interactive