The interactive quiz based on paper templates

The online platform by KIDS interactive offers teachers and educators the opportunity to quickly and easily create their own interactive quiz games for beamers, interactive whiteboards, tablet PC or smartphone for teaching, without any programming knowledge. The basis of the principle are special paper templates which are provided with augmented reality markers and are recognized by the website. The paper templates only need to be photographed and uploaded – the Quizplayer on the website does the rest as if by magic. This is the principle: The augmented reality technology enables an automatic adjustment of the written elements and the interactive automatic transformation of these into an interactive learning game. is more than a quiz game. By creating their own quiz questions the knowledge of the students is motivated in an unusual way and playfully, creatively staged. On teachers and educators can design their lessons in a varied and interactive way. Together with their students their discover and experience a whole new innovative way of playful transfer and deepening of knowledge.