11. March 2019

delina 2019 – Innovation Award for Digital Education for Augmented Reality Apptour


SWE-Wissenswelt – The AppTour with Augmented Reality wins delina 2019

Yay! KIDS interactive wins innovation award for digital education delina 2019! Together with our project partner SWE Stadtwerke Erfurt, we are delighted about this great award for our Augmented Reality scavenger hunt for pupils. The award ceremony took place during the LEARNTEC education fair in Karlsruhe.

The jury says:
“The project offers a well thought-out mix of different technologies. This is an outstanding innovative application. In an exemplary way, this application is used and interlocked in the learning scenario. The transfer of knowledge takes place playfully in the real life of the learners and promotes discovering learning. At the same time, learners are encouraged to become creative themselves. The competitive character of the learning concept has a high motivating effect. The project offers a high transfer potential”.

On behalf of SWE Stadtwerke Erfurt, KIDS interactive conceived and developed an interactive app scavenger hunt through Erfurt’s city centre, in which school classes in small groups can playfully experience various knowledge topics about the Stadtwerke Erfurt using an iPad. The pupils are guided to the stations by GPS and receive instructions and tips from a virtual moderator on where digital content is hidden behind facades, lettering and city maps. The Knowledge World App will be used as a project offer within the framework of the lessons. School-relevant topics such as the environment, water, supply and disposal, recycling and regenerative energy generation are addressed. The search for the right augmented reality markings and the progress to the next station will be thematically framed with mini-games such as image allocation games or quiz questions. In addition, the pupils must also become creative themselves and think up headlines and news from the future, take photos and create visions and ideas for inventions and innovations that meet the ecological challenges of the future. The project and related teaching materials are available to all classes in the region.