The DIY interactive quiz

Proprietary development


  • Conception
  • Screendesign
  • Technical implementation


QuizStunde.de is an innovative online platform for teachers and educators. If offers users the opportunity to quickly and easily create your own quiz games with your students without any advance technical knowledge. The special feature here: The students are quiz authors and candidates at the same time!

By thinking of the most difficult quiz questions possible for their current school material you will set yourself apart with your educational content.
With the help of printed templates the creation of your own “school quiz” becomes child’s play. Simply photograph the completed templates and then upload them into the quiz assistant on the website. With just a few clicks an exciting, interactive quiz is generated from the hand-written templates of the students – tailored for your class.
On Quizstunde.de you can play not just your own games. Using a comprehensive search and filter function you can always find the right quiz for your current school material. “Quizstunde” (“quiz hour”) is an innovative and entertaining media bridge between digital media and printed teaching and learning materials.