SWE WissenSWElt

Digital scavenger hunt through the city with augmented reality, GPS and Beacons


Stadtwerke Erfurt


  • Common detailed concept
  • Editor
  • Screendesign
  • Implementation as app for iOS


KIDS interactive designed and developed, on behalf of SWE Stadtwerke Erfurt, an interactive app scavenger hunt through the centre of Erfurt in which school classes in small groups can playfully, interactively experience various educational topics on an iPad throughout the municipal utilities of Erfurt. The students are guided per GPS to the stations and receive instructions and information from a virtual moderator regarding where digital content is hidden behind façades, logos & city maps. The world of knowledge app is used as project within the framework of instruction. School-related topics such as the environment, water supply and disposal, recycling and renewable energy production are discussed. The search for the correct augmented reality markers and the progression to the next station are framed in a substantive, thematically appropriate way with mini-games such as image matching games or quiz questions. In addition, the students must also get creative themselves and come up with headlines and reports from the future, make photos and create visions and ideas for inventions and innovations which meet the environmental challenges of the future. The project and the associated teaching materials are available to all school classes in the region.