Textbook app ZOOM with augmented reality

Books in a new dimension


Westermann Gruppe


  • Conception
  • Screendesign
  • Technical implementation for iOS & Android


Students and teachers can now also experience textbooks in a new dimension on their smartphone or tablet. With the Zoom app by the education centre textbook publishers the printed textbook becomes a multimedia event. Because the augmented reality app developed by KIDS interactive with Vuforia technology enhances the books with numerous digital additional content. Via smartphone or table the students scan one of the double-sided pages of the textbook and the content is already displayed either directly on the page or in the clearly arranged menu. Videos are seamlessly integrated into the page layout – but can also be viewed in full screen.

The ZOOM apps offer, for example, numerous learning tips for English, audio materials, grammar cheat sheets and much more. This material is immediately available where it is needed for each student: On the page: ZOOM is ideally suitable for individualised instruction and independent learning at home – and for many subjects.

Using the page menu all textbook pages furnished with additional content can also be browsed separately and called up.

In addition to the textbooks shown here numerous textbooks from the publisher in the subjects of chemistry, biology and languages have, in the meantime, been interactively enhanced with augmented reality technology.

ZOOM Video